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The goal of Truffleface is to source and deliver the highest quality fresh Italian truffles. Our hunters forage in the beautiful hills of Orvieto, Umbria – an area known worldwide for its superior truffles. A passion for truffles, and a personal and attentive service are at the core of our business.

Our desire is to give everyone the opportunity to experience the luxury of fresh truffles in the UK at an affordable price.

Our local truffle experts have been finding and closely guarding the locations of the best truffles for generations, and now Truffle Face is enabling the rest of the world to share in their bounty.

Because we want you to enjoy our products at their best, we ship them un-washed. We account for this when we weigh before shipment, and will always err on the side of generosity and give our customers more than they’ve paid for.

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